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The March 3, 2020 California primary election is just around the corner.

Thanks to recently changed laws, there are hugely effective opportunities for activists like you to give local governing bodies and their corrupt staffs unwanted bowel movements.

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Big Bad Taxes - Election Contest Pending?
February 13, 2020

Did a local tax pass on November 5, 2019 in your city or county? Did you know that there is still time to set that election aside?

It's not for the feint of heart, but the rewards are huge.

It's all about your local governing body cheating on the ballot. It's a crime. See "What Should be Printed on the Ballot."

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Don't delay! The opportunity will not last forever.

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Dishonest Ballots Were Planned
January 11, 2019

I looked at all the local measures on the November 6, 2018 ballot around the state. Since 315 of the 388 local tax measures passed, I broke down the new or extended taxes by category. I analyzed the ones that passed for conformity to AB-195. Here are the results.

November 2018
Local Tax Measures
Tax Type Passed Conforming1 % Conforming
business license tax 7 0 .00%
cannabis business tax 72 9 12.50%
documentary transfer tax 5 1 20.00%
EFID bond 1 0 .00%
parcel tax2 34 8 23.53%
Prop 39 bond 91 0 .00%
Prop 46 bond 9 0 .00%
transactions and use tax 58 2 3.45%
transient occupancy tax 36 2 5.56%
utility users tax 2 0 .00%
Total 315 22 6.98%
Total School/College 106 0 .00%
1 Conforming related to Elections Code 13119(a), the most straight-forward of the subparagraphs. No local tax measures that passed conforms to all three subparagraphs of AB-195.
2 The only reason that the parcel tax percentage is so high is due to seven towns and special districts in Marin County that each used an identical measure to fund four more years of emergency medical services.

Dishonest ballots were planned. Note that 100% of local school and college tax measures that passed did not conform. Coincidence? "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

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The school bonds cartel is worried. Imagine the havoc full enforcement of AB-195 would have on local tax measures in general and Proposition 39 school bond measures specifically. That will only happen if you force your county elections officials to do their job.

There is still time to take a well-thought-out step (site members only) to strike back at this blatant fraud.

Sign up here and then call me. The clock is ticking.

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