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About This Site

This site exists to share strategies for defeating local Proposition 39 bonds for school and community college districts in California.

The domain was purchased and the site was launched on December 7, 2015 shortly after I defeated a local school bond measure (Measure O) in Los Angeles county.

The impetus for that campaign was a school district official's response to my query about the proposed measure on August 10, 2015. I asked:

"Where is the list of the specific school facility projects to be funded?"

Without even pausing to consider the question, the response was:

"We don't have to provide you with one."

The district spent $100,000. I spent my time and energy. The district lost the election. The district should have followed the law -- the California Constitution (Proposition 39) -- from which my query was formed.

During that campaign, I learned about the school bonds cartel that instigates and controls every school bond election in California. Thanks to the school bonds cartel, not a single district in California follows the law. Your district gets away with it because government education has dumbed down the people of this state to such an extent that they don't even know when the law is being broken.

Your little Johnny or little Sally will still be paying for brick-and-mortar facilities that you didn't approve when their children's children are getting their education from 21st century resources that don't require shiny-and-new, 19th-century, big-brother indoctrination centers. And they'll still be paying for the pensions of the school employees who'll be enjoying their outrageous payouts. If the dumbing down has worked, they won't even realize it.

1st Amendment Association

The people have a creator-given right to associate with whomever they please without the approval or interference of government. All constitutions recognize and protect that right. If you join this site, you are exercising that right. Join us here.

Message from Orlean Koehle
Eagle Forum of California President

Join Us in Defeating Upcoming Massive California School Bonds that Will Promote Common Core Data Collection

Eagle Forum of California is lending our support in helping to defeat billions of dollars worth of school bond measures that will be in school districts across the state in the upcoming June and November elections.

Why are we opposed to these bond measures? Very little of the money raised by these bond measures will be going for new construction or maintenance of school building. They are being primarily used to bring in expensive technology, i-pads, computers, and connecting to WIFI so that every student will have their own, school-issued device to further the goals of Common Core. Every child will then be doing all their school work and homework on their own device, so they can be tracked and traced and their longitudinal data collected following them from K-12, and on throughout their career.

What Can We Do? Please link to this web site and join in the effort to become informed and involved in defeating your local school bond.

E. Orlean Koehle, State President

Orlean Koehle, State President
Eagle Forum of California
"For God, Family, and Country"
Author Common Core A Trojan Horse for Education Reform
Director Californians United Against Common Core CUACC.org


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