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District of Choice Scam



The much abused District of Choice Program is set to become inoperative on July 1, 2023. This means that the 2022-2023 school year is final year schools can use it. Anyone who wants to end the scourge of public indoctrination should monitor the legislature for any bill that will breathe new life into this multi-decade disaster. The program deserves to die.

You can monitor a bill in the California legislature here: Bill Search

You will be looking in the current session for Education Code section 48315, which is the sunset provision. If no extension is passed by the end of 2022, it will likely be on a bill for the new legislature in 2023. July 1, 2023 is the drop dead date. If a bill is sponsored in 2023, it will need an emergency provision, in order for it to be effective before January 1, 2024. Watch for it!

The District of Choice Program is not about the children -- it's about the money. Just like a pimp running a human trafficking ring, these districts put a price tag on each of the children who they can lure into their scheme.

The schools at the top of the list (with the largest enrollments have been poaching the best students from surrounding districts for more than 20 years under the District of Choice program. In all that time, those districts have neither filed the reports required by the District of Choice program, nor have those districts been audited as to their selection process. It's a huge scam to prop up declining enrollment.

In the richest districts of choice, proponents are lying (see last year's effort) to the parents of out-of-district students. All the abusers of the district-of-choice program placed bond measures on the ballot last year. The money will be used to build magnet facilities to attract out-of-district parents. Meanwhile, the local taxpayers pay for the bonds. Walnut Valley Unified, in particular, has spent $100,000,000 over the last 10 years on facilities to attract out-of-district parents and their children.

Bills in the California Legislature

Oak Park Unified, with 40% of its students coming from outside the district through the district of choice program is in Assembly District 44 (Jacqui Irwin).

Bill Action Date Authors Sponsors Next Date
District of Choice: Existing Statute
AB 185 Amended 2017-03-07 O'Donnell (AD70), Irwin (AD44)    
  An act to amend Sections 48301, 48302, 48306, 48307, 48308, 48310, 48312, 48313, 48314, 48315, and 48316 of, to amend, repeal, and add Section 48311 of, and to add Sections 48309.5 and 48317 to, the Education Code, relating to school attendance, and declaring the urgency thereof, to take effect immediately.
AB 1087 Introduced 2017-02-16 Irwin (AD44)    
  An act to amend Sections 48301, 48306, 48307, and 48315 of, and to amend, repeal, and add Section 48311 of, the Education Code, relating to school attendance, and declaring the urgency thereof, to take effect immediately.
Bond Elections
AB 1194 Amended 2017-03-16 Dababneh (AD45), Cooley (AD08), Harper (AD74)    
  An act to amend Section 13119 of the Elections Code, relating to elections.
Districts of Choice
County v District v Superintendent Enrolled v D-o-C Last Bond
Riverside Riverside Unified David Hansen 42,462 $ 567,000,000
Los Angeles Walnut Valley Unified Robert Taylor 14,468 $ 232,680,000
Los Angeles West Covina Unified Charles Hinman 13,712 $ 143,000,000
Los Angeles Glendora Unified Robert Voors 7,607 $ 41,310,000
San Diego Encinitas Union Elementary Timothy Baird 5,319 $ 44,200,000
Ventura Oak Park Unified Anthony Knight 4,638 $ 106,945,000
Ventura Ojai Unified Hank Bangser 2,639 $ 35,000,000
Marin San Rafael City High Michael Watenpaugh 2,420 $ 210,000,000
Los Angeles Gorman Elementary Joe Andrews 2,339
Santa Barbara Carpinteria Unified Micheline Miglis 2,227 $ 90,000,000
Marin Dixie Elementary Thomas Lohwasser 1,989 $ 30,000,000
Ventura Mesa Union Elementary Jeffery Turner 1,332 $ 7,900,000
Santa Barbara Blochman Union Elementary Doug Brown 1,242
Napa Saint Helena Unified Marylou Wilson 1,230 $ 60,000,000
Nevada Pleasant Ridge Union Elementary Rusty Clark 1,196
Tehama Corning Union High John Burch 924 $ 8,300,000
Nevada Nevada City Elementary Roxanne Gilpatric 874
San Diego Cardiff Elementary Jill Vinson 730 $ 22,000,000
Mendocino Mendocino Unified Jason Morse 543 $ 15,500,000
Imperial Meadows Union Elementary Matt Phillips 459 $ 6,000,000
Santa Barbara College Elementary James Brown 408 $ 9,370,000
Sonoma Forestville Union Elementary Phyllis Parisi 344 $ 10,200,000
Tulare Springville Union Elementary Connie Owens 299 $ 4,000,000
Kern Maple Elementary Julie Boesch 288
Marin Lagunitas Elementary John Carroll 276 $ 5,000,000
Sonoma Geyserville Unified Jim Johnson 242 $ 3,250,000
Tulare Waukena Joint Union Elementary Terri Lancaster 239
Kern Semitropic Elementary Valerie Park 214
Tulare Buena Vista Elementary Carole Mederos 197
Kern Elk Hills Elementary Jeff Tensley 196 $ 7,905,000
Tulare Columbine Elementary Timothy Jones 196
Siskiyou Montague Elementary Marni Posl 191
Inyo Big Pine Unified Pamela Jones 172 $ 6,300,000
Sonoma Kenwood Robert Bales 141
Inyo Round Valley Joint Elementary Karen Marshall 134
Santa Barbara Vista del Mar Union Scott Turnbull 124
Sonoma Alexander Valley Union Elementary Bob Raines 123
Santa Clara Lakeside Joint Susan Ady 88
Fresno Pine Ridge Elementary Tim McConnico 85
Sonoma Monte Rio Union Elementary Jennifer Schwinn 85 $ 3,300,000
Imperial Mulberry Elementary Chelsey Galindo 76
Inyo Owens Valley Unified Daniel Moore 75 $ 2,600,000
Kern McKittrick Elementary Barry Koerner 75
Fresno Big Creek Elementary Toby Wait 59 $ 1,400,000
Ventura Santa Clara Elementary Kari Skidmore 55
Marin Nicasio Tom Lohwasser 50
Los Angeles Hughes-Elizabeth Lakes Union Elementary Steven Martinez 39


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