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June 2018 School Ballot Measures

June 2018 Ballot Measures

This is a preliminary list of big bad California school bond measures on the June 2018 ballot around the state.

Are they all bad?

My criteria is simple. It's the California Constitution, Article XIII-A, Section 1(b)(3)(B). Is the measure a "list of the specific school facility projects to be funded?" Not a single one of these bonds meet that criteria. It's not an accident. A small set of lawyers that write the measures tell the districts NOT to put the list in the measure. That's a direct violation of the lawyer's oath to support the California Constitution and the State Bar of California's Rules of Professional Conduct. (Amazing what huge amounts of money does to people, isn't it?)

In fact, it's also likely a conspiracy between bond counsel and the district to commit fraud on the public because bond counsel (due to its contingency contract) and the district both want the 55% voter approval level, but the district doesn't want to commit to a specific list which might lead to, heaven forbid, true oversight or even lawsuits.

That doesn't absolve the district, but it does condemn the lawyers, usually bond counsel. These bond counsel are all members of the school bonds cartel. If you think this is outrageous, I have a plan, but you have to Sign Up to get into the protected areas of this site to participate. (See The Art of War.)

Until the argument and rebuttal filing deadlines have passed, this is a collaborative, private page for members only. By collaboration, I mean that YOU are helping to fill in the missing information for each measure. You must be reliable in your research. There is no room for error.

It's pretty simple. TANSTAAFL. You exchange your help in researching for access to this page.

The information must be provided in a specific form. Sending e-mail messages with random information creates more work than it's worth. It's just too much work for me, with everything else I'm doing, to try and analyze an e-mail message. It likely takes me more time to parse and verify a message than it does to do the research from scratch.

If you have a suggestion or wish to report a correction, please click here.

Here's the quick rundown.

Prop 39 (55%) Bonds
June 5, 2018 Ballot
Courtesy of California Bond Defense Clearinghouse
+- County Measure School / College Bond Amt. Tax Amt. Ratio Adopted Args
Click the Measure link for full details on the measure.
Measure letters preceded by an underscore (_) have not yet been officially filed. They are listed based on board agendas or news reports.
Election Day: 2018-06-05
-- El Dorado E Sierra Joint CCD SFID No. 4 (See Placer)       --------
+ Humboldt _F Freshwater Elementary      Jan-16 --------
+   _RD Rio Dell Elementary      Jan-10 --------
+ Inyo _O Owens Valley Unified $5,000,000      Feb-22 --------
+ Kings _B Corcoran Joint Unified       --------
+ Los Angeles _A Mt. San Antonio CCD $250,000,000       --------
+   _B Bassett Unified       --------
+   _G Pasadena Area CCD $888,000,000       --------
+   _M Glendora Unified $98,000,000   $178,532,415  1.822   --------
+   _SM San Marino Unified $148,000,000   $217,000,000  1.466  Feb-27 --------
+ Monterey _A Monterey Peninsula Unified       --------
+   _B North Monterey County Unified $36,000,000   $72,457,500  2.013   --------
+ Nevada _A Grass Valley Elementary $20,000,000       --------
+ Orange _A Santa Ana Unified $200,000,000       --------
+   _K Brea-Olinda Unified $148,000,000   $288,000,000  1.946   --------
+   _M Capistrano Unified $889,000,000   $1,839,767,626  2.069   --------
+ Placer E Sierra Joint CCD SFID No. 4 $350,000,000      Jan-9 --------
-- Sacramento E Sierra Joint CCD SFID No. 4 (See Placer)       --------
+   _B Twin Rivers Unified (SFID) $140,000,000   $338,000,000  2.414   --------
+   _C Twin Rivers Unified $148,000,000   $364,000,000  2.459   --------
+ San Bernardino _B Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified       --------
+ San Diego _C Sweetwater Union High       --------
+   _E Del Mar Union Elementary $133,000,000       --------
+   _RSF Rancho Santa Fe Elementary       --------
+ San Mateo _A Jefferson Union High $33,000,000      Feb-6 --------
+   _P Pacifica $55,000,000       --------
+ Santa Barbara Q2018 Lompoc Unified $79,000,000       --------
+ Santa Clara _M Milpitas Unified $300,000,000      Feb-13 --------
+   _SC Santa Clara Unified      Feb-27 --------
+ Solano _B Vallejo City Unified $139,000,000       --------
+   _C Vallejo City Unified $139,000,000       --------
+ Ventura _B Mesa Union Elementary $6,300,000       --------
+   _E Hueneme Elementary $34,200,000   $62,500,000  1.827  Jan-22 --------
+   _F Oxnard Union High       --------
+   _PV Pleasant Valley $119,000,000   $219,000,000  1.840  Jan-25 --------
+ Yolo _A Woodland Joint Unified       --------
+   _D Davis Joint Unified       --------
  18 35 Election Totals $4,357,500,000 $3,579,257,541 1.984   AN: 0
  18 35 Grand Totals $4,357,500,000 $3,579,257,541 1.984   AN: 0

Parcel Tax and other Tax Measures
June 5, 2018 Ballot
Courtesy of California Bond Defense Clearinghouse
County Measure School / College Tax Type Bond/Tax Amt. Tax Desc. Approval
Election Day: 2018-02-27
Los Angeles S South Pasadena Unified parcel tax $2,300,000 $386 - 7yrs  two-thirds
Election Day: 2018-05-08
Marin _DP Dixie Elementary parcel tax     two-thirds
Election Day: 2018-06-05
Contra Costa _MP Martinez Unified parcel tax     two-thirds
_WCP West Contra Costa Unified parcel tax $7,700,000   two-thirds
Los Angeles _CCP Culver City Unified parcel tax     two-thirds
Santa Barbara S2018 Hope Elementary parcel tax     two-thirds
Solano _DP Davis Joint Unified (See Yolo)      
Yolo _DP Davis Joint Unified parcel tax     two-thirds


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