Live Oak Unified Schools: Vote Yes on Measure X Bonds - Sutter County - 2016 General Election
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Why didn't Live Oak Unified tell you specifically what it will do with the $14,000,000 in Measure X?

We Could Really Use Your Help!

Real Grassroots Against Measure X

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Commentary on Measure X

Are you sure you want vote to support this extravagant measure? It has no accountability.

This campaign was designed by . We figured out just the right words to get you to you to open up your checkbook.

We'd also like to introduce you to our partners -- bond lawyers, brokers, wealthy investors, architects, management firms, construction companies, and trade unions. We all stand to make a ton of money on these bonds. Our profits come right off the top, before a penny is actually spent on improving the facilities.

We're not just doing it for the money. We like to show off our work in Architectural Digest and other places where the rich and famous congregate.

Remember, we've taken a lot of risk. We gave money to get your governing board members elected, so they'd be sure to remember us when we came around for a hand-out later.

It's just business-as-usual, here in sunny Corruptifornia.

Please don't read the fine print. That's just put in by the lawyers to make what we're going to do to for you legal.

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Measure X Agenda Description

Agenda of July 21, 2016 (complete item)

C. Resolution No. 2016-2017 #3, Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Live Oak Unified School District Ordering an Election to Authorize the Issuance of School Bonds, Establishing Specifications of the Election Order, and Requesting Consolidation with Other Elections Occurring on November 8, 2016: To consider approval of Resolution No. 2016-2017 #3, Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Live Oak Unified School District ordering an election to authorize the issuance of School Bonds, establishing specifications of the Election Order, and requesting consolidation with other Elections occurring on November 8, 2016.


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