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Library Documents

The purpose of this section is to present links to pages of documents related to the citizens' bond oversight committee (CBOC).

No library documents for this measure.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Documents

The purpose of this section is to provide a reference to materials that the citizens' bond oversight committee (CBOC) is required to present on a public web site. Sometimes this information is poorly organized, so this is intended to make it not only easy to find, but also to provide a single page view of oversight materials.


The purpose of this section is to gather and present details about the make-up of the district's citizens' bond oversight committee (CBOC). To the extent possible, each term of the committee will be a separate set of data. The governing board is required to appoint the members and those actions will be found in board minutes. Some districts have set up staggered terms or terms longer than two years.

No active oversight committee.

Bonds Issued

The purpose of this section is to present details about all the bonds issued under the authority of the measure. The measure detail may not be readily available, so the list will default to all bonds issued for facilities.

Over time, with your help, we will be enhancing the issuance details to include county assessor's tax rates and debt service (the amount of money you will actually pay). Believe me, when you find out that the roof that cost $300,000 to repair is actually costing you $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in taxes, you'll have a much better appreciation of the fraud that the school bonds cartel perpetrates in the name of children.

You'll also be surprised at bond issues that have not yet made it to your tax bill. During the heyday of Capital Appreciation Bonds (CABs), repayment for many bond issues was pushed off well into the future. Some of those issues are only now starting to hit tax bills.

One of the barriers to acquiring accurate information is the use of refunding bond issues that include bonds issued under more than one measure. Your help summarizing those measures will make this information even more valuable for analysis.

No bonds issued yet.

Expended Bond Funds

Currently, there is no easily-accessible, public source for this information. It should be available in citizens' bond oversight committee (CBOC) documents, but it is artfully hidden so that you will never know the true cost of anything purchased with bond money.

I'm expecting to provide this data with the help of local watchdogs and citizens' bond oversight committee (CBOC) members. This data is vital to exposing the waste of your hard-earned money by corrupt and spendthrift governing boards and school administrators.


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