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Teleconference and Workshop Reference

This is a private page for teleconference participants.

CBOC Workshop! (Dec 7, Dec 14)

Ed Code 7054 Workshop! (Nov 16, 23, 30)

Weekly Coaching Conference Calls

This page is a resource for members who participate in the weekly coaching call or who miss the call and would like to catch up.

Below each conference call, I've placed links to other information that was discussed on the call.

I've placed most of the data for this page in the database (October 13, 2016). If you listen to the calls and find any errors or omissions (like links), place let me know and I'll update it.

Not all calls are recorded. I make that decision at the beginning of the call. Recordings are NOT permanently available. If you'd like to listen to a past recording, do so sooner rather than later. I have off-line copies of all recordings, so if you have an interest in a recording that is no longer available online, make a request for it.

Weekly Coaching Teleconference
October 12, 2016
1 hr 13 min Discussion: Ballots arriving, phone number usage, web usage, effect of Prop 51, local news coverage; 'yes' web sites; Questions: Effectiveness of shopping center, door-to-door, telephone? Downside of calling out lies? Use of pay-to-play? 


  Who benefits?
BIG LIE: "Every penny" goes to local schools. #Prop39Bonds $25k here $200k there. Pretty soon, it's $548,568.86 
  Pay to play evidence
Corrupt @WLC_Architects buying #Prop39Bonds elections as we speak - Nov 2015, June 2016, Nov 2016. #CApolitics 
  West Contra Costa Unified Forensic Audit
WLC Architects and Seville Group (SGI) caught, among others, in forensic audit donating to both bond campaign committee and private scholarship fund run by district trustees. 
October 5, 2016
1 hr 11 min Discussion: CA Deputy Treasurer, campaign finance (Kern, Capistrano, Orange), unfair use of public resources (Ed Code 7054) (Walnut Valley 2016 campaign,, robots.txt, CASH chair, surveys). Questions: Filing complaint, CCD foundations. 


  The Wayback Machine
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September 28, 2016
56 min Discussion: Update on campaign finance reports filing deadline (460, 497), Little Hoover Commission hearing on bond oversight, post-election activities, oversight committees, committee qualifications, bond issuance. Questions: School board candidate campa 


  Little Hoover Commission Public Testimony on Bond Oversight
Downloads of written testimony and video of public hearing on bond oversight. It is a follow up to the 2009 LHC report. 
  Little Hoover Commission Public Testimony (Video)
Witnesses are Tim Schaefer (Deputy Treasurer) (7:00), Fred Keeley & Jay Goldstone (Treasurer's Task Force) (58:00), Michael Turnipseed, Anton Jungherr & Nick Marinovich (CA League of Oversight Committees) 2:00:00 
  California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
Treasurer's debt web site. It has a searchable database of every bond issued in California since 1984. (For members, I am building an enhanced version of treasurer data. If you do research at EMMA, you could help out by getting the enhanced data.) 
  Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB)
EMMA is the bible for the municipal bond industry. It has a searchable, by district, database by that includes all sales and disclosure documents. Those documents specify, among other interesting information, the total debt service required over time. 
September 21, 2016
46 min Didn't keep notes. If you listen, could you send me your notes. 


September 14, 2016
59 min Didn't keep notes. If you listen, could you send me your notes. 


August 31, 2016
1 hr 25 min Didn't keep notes. If you listen, could you send me your notes. 


Ballot Argument Workshop

June 15 to July 6, 2016

This is just like the C.A.S.H. - Coalition for Adequate School Housing workshops, only honest and better.

Recordings are NOT permanently available. If you'd like to review, do so sooner rather than later.

Ballot Argument Workshop
Week 1 - Preparation: Election Calendar (06-15)
  Get your detailed county election calendar and pick out relevant dates.


Week 2 - Arguments: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (06-22)
  Write a practice argument for review on next call.


Week 3 - Research: Argument Against (06-29)
  Find out which schools in the district have received previous bond money and for what.


Week 4 - Filing and Public Review Period (07-06)
  Meeting deadlines, signatures & county forms, challenges made and defended.


General Links

Argument and Rebuttal Filing Instructions
These are my recommendations reviewing both general and specific county instructions for the argument and rebuttal process. It also contains a table of links to forms and instructions used by the various counties followed by specific notes for county variations.
Primary, 2016, Los Angeles, Measure E
This is a sample landing page that you may request (so you have something for your ballot argument). It is a unique link for a specific ballot argument that will be permanently available for years into the future. It's completely customizable and may be set to redirect to a web site of your choice at a future date.

Week 1 Links

Week 2 Links

Week 3 Links

Note: My successful Oh No on O! campaign web site is still up. It will shortly be updated for the latest assault on taxpayers coming this November.

Week 4 Links

Local Candidate Training Teleconferences

The only people who can put a local school Proposition 39 bond measure on the ballot easily are the governing board of the district. The governing board needs a super-majority to do it. This means that it takes four (80%) votes on a five-member board or five votes (71%) on a seven-member board to place a measure. So one weapon in our arsenal is electing members to the governing board. Two members opposing a resolution protects the taxpayers.

The links below are to a series of 34 teleconferences that go into the nitty-gritty details of running a winning local campaign.

Project City Hall
Introduction to the Course.2011-02-27
1. Getting on the Ballot.2011-03-01
2. Raising Money; The Mindset.2011-03-06
3. Scripting; The Ultimate Technique.2011-03-08
4. The Voter List.2011-03-13
5. Voter Outreach - Precinct Walking.2011-03-15
6. Recruiting Volunteers.2011-03-20
7. Setting Goals.2011-03-22
8. Planning the Campaign.2011-03-27
9. Web site.2011-03-29
10. Framing the Issues.2011-04-03
11. The Press Kit.2011-04-05
12. Social Netwoeks.2011-04-10
13. Campaign Finance Reporting.2011-04-12
14. Fund raiising - How to Ask.2011-04-17
15. Printed Materials.2011-04-19
16. Voter Outreach - Phone Calls.2011-04-24
17. Scheduling Personal Appearances.2011-04-26
18. Volunteers - Motivation.2011-05-01
19. Early Voting.2011-05-03
20. Handling the Press.2011-05-08
21. Public Speaking.2011-05-10
22. Get Out the Vote (GOTV).2011-05-15
23. Voter Outreach - Postal Mail.2011-05-17
24. Voter ID - Surveys.2011-05-24
25. Vote Fraud.2011-06-01
26. Audio and Video.2011-06-05
27. Endorsements and Testimonials.2011-06-07
28. Issues - Offense vs. Defense.2011-06-12
29. Voter Outreach - E-Mail2011-06-14
30. Crisis Management2011-06-19
31. Counting Ballots2011-06-21
32. Getting Press Coverage2011-06-26
33. Debates2011-06-31
34. Voter ID - Who Are Your Voters?2011-07-12


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