Who Writes the Election Resolutions and Bond Measures?
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Who Writes the Election Resolutions and Bond Measures?

You elect your local school board.

Your school board appoints a superintendent and other district officials.

Those officials hire other people to run your schools.

This all changes when big money is involved.

I did a lot of work leading up to and immediately after the March 11, 2016 filing deadline. Not only was I able to identify every 55% approval (Propostion 39) bond measure placed on the ballot around the state, but I was also able to gather and present in machine readable and searchable form (HTML) every resolution, measure, argument, and other document related to the measure. For June 7, 2016, there are 45 of these bonds on the ballot in 21 counties around the state.

A picture began to emerge.

The school boards were doing nothing but approving pre-packaged resolutions and measures that have been developed by a small group of so-called parasites advisers. (See Parasites.)

You can now see this in black and white on the nearly complete measure pages. For example, two Shasta County (Redding area) districts have small (comparatively) bond measures on the ballot. The parasite, Isom Advisors, had the contract with each district. Look at the side-by-side comparison of the full text of the measures.

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