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Workshop: Education Code 7054 Criminal Complaints


Wednesday at 9 p.m.

Week 1: (Nov 16) Case Law, Statutes, Myths

  1. Links:
    1. Checklist for Education Code 7054 Complaints
    2. Attorney General Weighs In
  2. Cases:
    1. Stanson v. Mott (1976)
    2. Vargas v. City of Salinas (2009)
    3. San Leandro Teachers Assn. v. Governing Bd. (2009)
  3. Statutes:
    1. Education Code 7050-7058

Week 2: (Nov 23) Evidence and Facts

Week 3: (Nov 30) Affidavit and Filing

Evidence Storage

To particpate, you must create a free Cloudinary account and upload at least one image or file containing evidence to support a complaint. When you sign up, edit the 'Assigned cloud name' so that it is readable and not something like 'djv2kjpbn.' I suggest naming it for the school district, such as the district's initials or a recognizable name without spaces.

In addition, you must save a web page containing evidence on the Wayback Machine. Please use good etiquette when using the Wayback Machine. Before adding a page, check that the page does not already exist for the time period that you are trying to save.

Workshop Evidentiary Documents
  Date Document Description
District: Walnut Valley Unified
-- 08-01 Strong Schools, Strong Community (August 2015 mailer) Example of non-factual statements: "We believe our excellent schools help keep Diamond Bar and Walnut strong and desirable places to live."
-- 04-14 Walnut Valley Unified School District 2016 General Obligation Refunding Bonds Refunding bonds that the district issued so that it could send the promotion about how much money it saved.
-- 11-21 Picture of Walnut Valley Staff and Students with Bond Campaign Sign Picture of District Staff and Students with Bond Campaign Sign

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Evidentiary Document
Use this form to add links to your evidence.
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Date (Ex: 8/8, 11-10 - year is presumed 2016)
Document Name*
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