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California Legislature

This is a trial page. See note at bottom of page.

Here at the clearinghouse, I don't spend a lot of time on legislation. Most of it has no effect on bonds. There are, however, changes to either the Elections Code or the Education Code that have an impact on whether the corrupt school bonds cartel wins or loses elections, or have an easier time of stealing your money.

I'll start off with legislator contacts. I'll add some bills that are in the works and some recent bills that you may have never heard about.

Ultimately, depending on your willingness to help, this page will expand to a full-scale lobbying page, tracking contacts with legislators on any bill that a site member wishes to add to the database.

Find Legislator Contact Info

This includes capitol and district office staff as well direct methods of contact.

With all the resignations and upcoming elections some data is out-of-date. Call me first, if you'd like to help correct or add to data.

Enter Legislator Name (last first) or District# (AD for assembly, SD for senate) Ex:"23 sd"

Find Legislature Committee Info

If you'd like to see more, or all, committees listed, then do your part and help put the data together. Call me first, if you'd like to help add AND maintain committee membership.

Choose one of:

SEN: Budget and Fiscal Review (17)
SEN: Education (7)
ASM: Budget (29)
ASM: Education (7)
ASM: Elections and Redistricting (7)

Find Bills in Progress

Until help materializes in the form of data collection, these are the bills that I am tracking.

Messes with section 13119.
Position: Neutral
Code: Elections Code
Current Committee: ASM ELEC
Checked: 2018-06-13
Removes requirement in section 13119 to inform voters of tax consequences of tax measure.
Position: Against
Code: Elections Code
Current Committee: ASM BUDG
Checked: 2018-06-13

Recent Elections and Bonds Statutory Changes

Some day soon.


This is a new members-only page. I'm making it available to the public in connection with current legislation (AB-2848) over the language in bond measure ballot statements. It will revert to a members-only page on July 1, 2018 after the campaign to defeat that bill has had some time to run its course.


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