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District Profile

Walnut Valley Unified

This district information is gathered from various sources, including user research. If you wish to contribute to this research, please complete the following forms.

Los Angeles
880 South Lemon Avenue
Walnut, CA 91789-2931

Board of Trustees
 NameBioTerm EndsPhone
 Larry L Redinger (President)Bio2019-12-31
 Phillip D Chen EdDBio2019-12-31

District Meetings and Events

School Enrollment
Diamond Bar HighHS2015-163,061
Ron Hockwalt Academies (Continuation)HS2015-16 32
Walnut HighHS2015-162,675
Chaparral MiddleINTMIDJR2015-161,212
South Pointe MiddleINTMIDJR2015-16 917
Suzanne MiddleINTMIDJR2015-161,307
Castle Rock ElementaryELEM2015-16 624
Collegewood ElementaryELEM2015-16 602
Cyrus J. Morris ElementaryELEM2015-16 468
Evergreen ElementaryELEM2015-16 589
Leonard G. Westhoff ElementaryELEM2015-16 603
Maple Hill ElementaryELEM2015-16 528
Quail Summit ElementaryELEM2015-16 663
Vejar ElementaryELEM2015-16 575
Walnut ElementaryELEM2015-16 604


Campaign Committees
FPPC #Committee  

Campaign Contributors

Campaign Money

Total Contributions: $0
Total Disbursements: $0


MeasureElectionBond AmountOutcomeYes %
WV2016-11-08 $152,880,000Passed64.9%
O2015-11-03 $208,000,000Failed53.1%
S2007-11-06 $64,600,000Passed61.1%
Y2007-11-06 $15,200,000Passed56.8%

Totals: $232,680,000


Bond Issue Tax Rates
Measure 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
These are the actual tax rates assessed against district property for each $100,000 of assessed value.
S     23.66 24.12 24.58 24.08 22.14 23.64 22.92 22.70    
Y     7.70 8.08 8.31 10.51 7.32 6.46 6.13 6.20    
_           61.00 58.69          
2000     1.61 .29 .31 9.09 7.60 18.10 20.25 21.51 21.33 21.36
2005           11.67 11.25          
2005R       10.16 10.87     11.86 9.44 6.57 6.88 7.78
2011     17.79     9.19 10.35          
2011R       18.03 18.80              
2012     32.08                  
2012R       54.41 50.55              
2014     10.02                  
97               58.34 58.00 55.98 56.42 58.34

Total: $0.00 $0.00 $92.86 $115.09 $113.42 $125.54 $117.35 $118.40 $116.74 $112.96 $84.63 $87.48


School Accountability Record Cards
# School Grades 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
The most recent School Accountability Report Card (SARC) was published on or before February 1, 2019 for the school year ending in June 2018. The School Facility Conditions sub-section usually begins on page 3 or 4.
If you land on the log-in page, the district has violated the Education Code and not filed that School Accountability Report Card (SARC) with the CDE.
1 Diamond Bar High 9-12 PDF PDF PDF PDF
2 Ron Hockwalt Academies (Continuation) 9-12 PDF PDF PDF PDF
3 Walnut High 9-12 PDF PDF PDF PDF
4 Chaparral Middle 6-8 PDF PDF PDF PDF
5 South Pointe Middle 6-8 PDF PDF PDF PDF
6 Suzanne Middle 6-8 PDF PDF PDF PDF
7 Castle Rock Elementary K-5 PDF PDF PDF PDF
8 Collegewood Elementary K-5 PDF PDF PDF PDF
9 Cyrus J. Morris Elementary K-5 PDF PDF PDF PDF
10 Evergreen Elementary K-5 PDF PDF PDF PDF
11 Leonard G. Westhoff Elementary K-5 PDF PDF PDF PDF
12 Maple Hill Elementary K-5 PDF PDF PDF PDF
13 Quail Summit Elementary K-5 PDF PDF PDF PDF
14 Vejar Elementary K-5 PDF PDF PDF PDF
15 Walnut Elementary K-5 PDF PDF PDF PDF

Current Stage

Citizens' Bond Oversight Committees
 Name / BioCategoryAppointedPhone
Measure S,Y Committee
 Clark Rucker (Chair)2015-05-20
 Owen Chang (Vice Chair)2015-05-20
 Samuel Castorena2015-05-20
 Robert Chang2015-05-20
 David Chen2015-05-20
 Susan Kashiwabara2015-05-20
 Lutz Kunze2015-05-20
 Valerie Lu2015-05-20
 Hassan Sassi2015-05-20
 Min Joseph Song2015-05-20
 Cecilia Yeh2015-05-20

Bond Document Library
 TypeDocumentPublishedMeasureOn BallotAccess
 CBOC ApplicationApplication for Appointment to Citizens' Oversight Committee for Expenditure of Bond Proceeds2012-05-01K2007-11-0605
 CBOC BylawsCitizens' Bond Oversight Committee Bylaws2015-04-21K2007-11-0605
 FullTextFull Text of Ballot Measure S2015-07-08K2007-11-0605
 FullTextFull Text of Ballot Measure Y2015-07-08G2007-11-0605

Bond Industry Vendors

Local Bond Activists
NamePhoneSchool DistrictCollege District
NICK 562-500-0723 ABC Unified Cerritos CCD
Elayne 562-202-3899 ABC Unified Cerritos CCD
Libre 562-925-7100 ABC Unified Cerritos CCD
Stephen 661-609-1739 Acton-Agua Dulce Unified Santa Clarita CCD
Harold 626-384-8201 Alameda Unified Mt. San Antonio CCD
Amadeo 909-728-6432 Bassett Unified
Paul 424-666-7303 Centinela Valley Union High El Camino CCD
Ludd 909-624-3679 Claremont Unified Citrus CCD
Mike 310-322-4314 El Segundo Unified El Camino CCD
David 213-248-1965 Glendora Unified Citrus CCD
Lois 626-963-3895 Glendora Unified Citrus CCD
Savina 626-272-3293 Hacienda la Puente Unified
Jackie 310-379-3730 Heber Elementary El Camino CCD
Chris 310-308-3489 Hermosa Beach City Elementary
Miyo 310-372-2696 Hermosa Beach City Elementary El Camino CCD
Fred 818-303-4195 La Canada Unified Pasadena Area CCD
alen 626-755-5140 La Canada Unified
Laurence 562-429-9765 Long Beach Unified Long Beach CCD
Carolyn 562-435-1336 Long Beach Unified Long Beach CCD
Mary 562-452-7411 Long Beach Unified Long Beach CCD
Ian 562-810-9329 Long Beach Unified Long Beach CCD
Mimi 562-746-1885 Long Beach Unified Long Beach CCD
Geoffrey 323-467-4920 Los Angeles Unified
Karen 818-996-6820 Los Angeles Unified Los Angeles CCD
Morgan 818-235-8500 Los Angeles Unified Los Angeles CCD
Mark 818-224-9876 Los Angeles Unified Los Angeles CCD
Nilo 310-435-7472 Los Banos Unified
Debbie Montebello Unified
Patrick Palmdale Elementary
Lisa 310-322-3605 Paramount Unified
Michael 626-622-8000 Pasadena Unified Pasadena Area CCD
Clifton 626-796-7018 Pasadena Unified
Matthew 424-644-6288 Pasadena Unified
Ted 626-429-1661 San Marino Unified
ANDREW 213-618-6727 San Marino Unified
Nicole 310-399-3749 Santa Monica-Malibu Unified Santa Monica CCD
DeAnne 424-268-7709 Santa Monica-Malibu Unified Santa Monica CCD
Joseph 626-555-1212 Temple City Unified
Rick 310-346-7425 Torrance Unified El Camino CCD
Kevin 909-598-6862 Walnut Valley Unified Mt. San Antonio CCD
Steve 909-569-5564 Walnut Valley Unified Los Angeles CCD
Michael 626-720-3605 Walnut Valley Unified Mt. San Antonio CCD
Steve 626-676-9770 West Covina Unified
Rolando 562-762-2227 Whittier City Elementary Rio Hondo CCD
Steve 818-568-3720 William S. Hart Union High Santa Clarita CCD

Local Activist Groups
 Group NameTypeCity


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