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June 7, 2016 Ballot

These are reports from the field about activity surrounding the topic of this clearinghouse. Have you come across local news items or district activity? Let us know by sending the details to walnutwatchdogs+news[at]gmail.com.

Bond Activity Around California
PublishedHeadlineDistrictOn Ballot
2015-11-18Survey finds that Lompoc would support school bond
 Isom Advisiors again. The jackals are out there trying to drum up business in the countryside looking for stupdid voters.
2015-11-16GUHSD Board Votes Thursday on More Money for Alpine High School Lawsuit: Case Heads to Court Dec. 170616230
2015-11-11HBCSD bond measure set for June 2016 [UPDATED]06170402016-06-02
2015-10-30Poll shows support for bond measure0636840


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