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lausd criminal complaint 2020 08 09

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From: Richard Michael
Date: August 09, 2020
Subject: [Very Time Sensitive] LA Unified Held Meeting Without Notice or Agenda on August 4, 2020 For $7 Billion Bond

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Subject: [Very Time Sensitive] LA Unified Held Meeting Without Notice or Agenda on August 4, 2020 For $7 Billion Bond Measure
From: Richard Michael <>
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Isn't it already clear that local government corruption all over
California is rampant.

This is just another egregious example. Los Angeles Unified has been
caught. It should not benefit from its contemptible conduct.

Putting the $7 billion bond measure on the ballot will cost taxpayers
an estimated $11 to $14 million.

The district attorney's office should do everything in its power to
prosecute, including a cure or correct action (54960.1) to void the
agenda item and an action under Elections Code 13314 to remove the
measure from the November ballot.

Of course, the bond measure purports to use public moneys "for
purposes not authorized by law" such as buses and inspector general's
office for purported oversight. That's not a crime (Penal Code
424(a)(2)) yet, but all the money that went for purposes not
authorized by law for Measure Q (2008) certainly is an ongoing,
continuing crime.

LAUSD held a meeting on August 4, 2020. Can you find the agenda at (That's a rhetorical question.) It isn't there and never
was. I preserved relevant pages surrounding the meeting date at The
Wayback Machine ( Of course, you have the power to
subpoena records as well.

The law on notice, Government Code 54954.2, changed beginning January
1, 2019. About 99.44% of all local governments just ignored it. The
change is very technical. If you need an expert on what the new notice
requirement mandates, you may contact me on that too.

The LAUSD meeting is even worse -- a fraudulent "special" meeting on
the meeting schedule adopted July 7, 2020 and then no notice -- at

But the bond oversight committee knew about it because Beuttner talked
with them about it on July 30, 2020.

That's how I learned about it. I monitored the LAUSD board agendas
page each day through August 5, 2020 (saving copies to

As I write this, the meeting and agenda are still absent without leave.

This brazen example shouldn't be allowed to stand.

Time is of the essence to prevent waste of taxpayer dollars on a
special election that shouldn't be allowed to be on the ballot.

Please call me no later than Tuesday, August 11, 2020. If you make a
decision not to do the job the public expects of you, I need to make
other arrangements. The public should not have to do the job that you
are being paid to do.

Richard Michael
California School Bonds Clearinghouse
909-378-5401 (7 days a week, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Pacific)
@Follow http://twitter/bigbadbonds

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